greaseGood Housekeeping and Pollution Prevention for Municipal Activities (PDF)

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You can view the manual by sections here:

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Table Of Contents


Section 1 Introduction

Appendix A Inventory of Operations

Section 2 Pollution Prevention Planning

Appendix B Assessment of Operations

Section 3 Source Control BMPs

Appendix C BMP Selection

Section 4 Glossary & Acronyms

Appendix D Example Contract Language for BMP

Section 5 BMP Implementation & Evaluation

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You can view Section 3 Source Control Best Management Practices (BMP) by individual BMP here:

BMPs Introduction

Non-Stormwater Management

SC-1 Non-Stormwater Discharges

SC-2 Spill Prevention, Control and Cleanup

Vehicle and Equipment Management

SC-3 Vehicle and Equipment Fueling

SC-4 Vehicle and Equipment Cleaning

SC-5 Vehicle and Equipment Repair

Material and Waste Management

SC-6 Outdoor Loading/Unloading

SC-7 Outdoor Container Storage

SC-8 Outdoor Equipment Maintenance

SC-9 Outdoor Storage of Raw Materials

SC-10 Waste Handling and Disposal

Building and Grounds Management

SC-11 Building and Grounds Maintenance

SC-12 Parking/Storage Area Maintenance

General Stormwater Management

SC-13 Housekeeping Practices

SC-14 Safer Alternative Products

Municipal Field Program BMPs

SC-15 Road and Street Maintenance

SC-16 Salt Application and Storage

SC-17 Plaza and Sidewalk Cleaning

SC-18 Fountains & Pools Maintenance

SC-19 Landscape Maintenance

SC-20 Drainage System Maintenance

SC-21 Waste Handling and Disposal

SC-22 Water and Sewer Utility Maintenance

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