The GLRC has developed a variety of public education materials for municipalites to use in their community as well as for the public to view here. Please take some time to look at the GLRC materials and learn about watershed management and how you and your community can help reduce pollution in our local waterways.

Buffer stripsNew GLRC Brochure: Riparian Brochure - GLRC


For more detailed information about supporting wildlife through riparian buffers, review these resources:

Lake and Stream Corridor Owners’ Guide for Riparian Buffer Establishment

Riparian Buffers for Wildlife

Buffer stripsWatershed Brochure - Do You Know Your Watershed?


greasePollution Prevention News Articles for Publication

The news articles listed below are in PDF format, contact Erin Campbell if you would like the articles in Word.

Suggested Time Line For Articles


All News Articles


What is a watershed

Riparian Article

Who/What is the GLRC

Onsite Septic System Article

Feritlizer Article

Vehicle Maintenance Article

Pet Waste Article

Storm Vs. Sanitary Sewer Article

Car Washing Article

Adopt Your Catch Basin Article

Illicit Discharge Article

Wetlands Article

Buffer stripsMSU Lawn Care Tip Card

Buffer stripsWoody Debris Fact Sheet - for recreational users of our rivers and streams



kidsJust for kids
How Wet is our Planet?
Vocabulary Words
Water Quiz
Water Treatment Cycle Course

Visit the For Educators Page for much more information for students.

dInformation Flyers
Ten Simple Steps to Protect our Watershed

car dog lawn motor oil

dBrochures and Tip Cards
Car Washing Brochure
Lawn Care Brochure
Motor Oil Brochure
t Care Brochure

Car Washing Poster
Lawn Care Poster
Motor Oil Poster
Pet Care Poster

bWatershed Signs - Have you seen these signs in your community?
Grand River Watershed Road Sign
Looking Glass River Watershed Road Sign
Red Cedar River Watershed Road Sign

Grand River Pet Waste Sign
Looking Glass River Pet Waste Sign
Red Cedar River Pet Waste Sign

gdWatershed Fact sheets
The Watershed Fact sheets below provide two page summaries of the topics discussed during public and stakeholder meetings. These fact sheets include information about the concerns, problems, desired uses and goals expressed by public and stakeholder participants.

Grand River Watershed Red Cedar Watershed Looking Glass Watershed
Public Meeting Public Meeting Public Meeting
1 Stakeholder Meeting 1 Stakeholder Meeting 1 Stakeholder Meeting

2 Stakeholder Meeting

2 Stakeholder Meeting 2 Stakeholder Meeting
3 Stakeholder Meeting   3 Stakeholder Meeting
    4 Stakeholder Meeting

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