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Green Stormwater Infrastructure Bicycle Tour of Greater Lansing

The Greater Lansing area boasts a variety of green stormwater infrastructure (GSI), much of which is accessible or visible by bicycle!  The GLRC has created a bike tour to highlight permeable pavement, rain gardens, urban canopy, and other stormwater friendly features in the area! It's a great way to see how different types of GSI look and to get inspired to implement some on your own property.

Please respect all safety and traffic laws while enjoying this tour.  For the best experience, use both a printed map and the Google Map app to navigate the route. 

Bike Tour Map and Site Info printable PDF

This map details the relative location of stormwater stops and offers information about each.  Print this and take it with you (it prints best on 11 x 17in paper).  To make a pocket sized fold out map, fold it in half from the sides twice, then once from top to bottom. 

Google Map Overlay

In addition to the browser, this map works with the Google Map phone app.  Use it to navigate between points, ensure you're still on the route, and click images for pictures and more information about each stormwater stop!

bike tour cover 1.JPG
bike tour cover 2.JPG
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