For Residents

All of us play in a role in keeping our watersheds healthy!  Check out these GLRC resources to learn what you can do to reduce stormwater pollution.

Green Infrastructure Resources

Want to learn more about rain barrels, native plant gardens, and other green stormwater infrastructure?  Check out these resources!

Local Recycling And Disposal Resources

You can help reduce pollution in our local waterways by properly disposing of your household wastes including paint, cleaners, solvents, etc. For more information about recycling and household hazardous waste collection events, visit our Household Hazardous Waste page! 

Septic System Resources

Septic and well system failures risk public health, ground and surface water quality, and can become a financial burden on the owner.  Learn more at EPA'/EGLE's Septic Smart.


Ingham County's Point of Sale Ordinance requires a well and septic inspection and that corrective action is taken before ownership of the home is transferred. 

Learn more here, or contact Ingham County Health Department.

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