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GLRC Committees

The GLRC has implementation committees that carry out several tasks related to permit compliance. If you are interested in learning more about our committees, contact GLRC coordinator Amanda Hathaway Frattarelli at

Illicit Discharge Elimination Program Committee (IDEP)

Committee guides the organization and implementation of the illicit discharge elimination program, mapping guidelines, field-sampling protocols, and how the watershed will be monitored for progress. The IDEP Committee has reviewed pet waste reduction techniques, septic tank maintenance issues, IDEP ordinances and provided staff training.

Public Education Plan Committee (PEP)

Committee guides the overall public education, participation, outreach, and involvement process for the watershed management planning effort. This effort includes evaluation and assessment of public knowledge and activities.

Total Maximum Daily Load Committee (TMDL)

Makes recommendations regarding the Grand River and Red Cedar River E. coli Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) requirement. The committee provides education and updates to GLRC members to assist in the development and implementation of TMDL programs.

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